By Oliver Baar, Senior Product Manager, Koenig & Bauer Durst GmbH

The Boring Brown Box is under threat

No longer just a transport box, it’s now being transformed into sales relevant packaging. And it has to attract the attention of the customer.

In the past, your purchased product was probably shipped in a boring brown box, or BBB for short. It wasn’t very exciting.

But with retail channels relatively flat and e-commerce growing by around 30% annually even before coronavirus, brand recognition is extending from retail to the transit pack.

Brand values are being expressed on the inside of the box, as well as on the outside, to retain brand values.

Personalising the messaging while retaining brand values means more individual orders at lower volumes.

Brands require higher diversification with agile production and highly automated solutions, but still with the same top-quality printing or product related reasons they used to get with conventional printing and production based on sophisticated web tools.

It’s with this in mind that brands increasingly demand shorter makeready times, greater personalisation and want complete solutions to manage mass customisation.

There are limitless opportunities with digital packaging printing technology.

We are providing corrugated packaging solutions with the Delta SPC 130 and CorruJET 170 machines with eco-friendly water-based inks.

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