Great to be meeting customers again!

We had a very successful SPC Open House at Lienz, Austria. Read Robert Stabler’s blog and watch the videos.


By Robert Stabler, Managing Director, Koenig & Bauer Durst


Recently we hosted our first open house of the year in at the home of our SPC press in Lienz, Austria. It was a perfect setting to discuss once again in person the new challenges and opportunities for the industry and how in a world of shorter lead times, short run lengths and greater forecast unpredictability, and how single pass digital printing can help converters meet the evolving demands of brand owners.

It was a truly inspirational event involving over 40 customers from five countries – Poland, Austria, Italy, Germany and Czech Republic. Over the coming days, we’ll be sharing some great content that we hope you find as informative as we did. 

One of the highlights of the event was Johannes Pieger, Digital Print Manager at our international customer Schumacher Packaging based in Germany, who provided real helpful insights during his presentation on why he believes digital printing will be a dominant technology in corrugated printing in the future.  

Schumacher was an early adopter of our Delta SPC 130 press for the corrugated packaging market for digital production and has been so successful that it has invested in a second machine. 

There was a very insightful discussion and conversation on the needs in the future of converters to be ahead of the regulatory change curve and to be ready for the increased focus of brands on sustainability. Printing with water-based food safe inks and demonstrating waste reductions was going to be part of the new normal.

We were able to give ‘hands-on’ demos on the Delta SPC 130, including the new developments of digital primer, orange and violet inks and show all the sustainability credentials of our water-based ink technology.

The biggest take away I had from the meeting was the energy of the attendees to share their perspectives on the changes to their businesses required in the future and the desire to adopt automated workflows and agile printing systems to solve some of the challenges they see ahead.

Thanks to those that were able to attend. We are already planning our next event for the beginning of October.

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